Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Bara

Everyone warned me about how difficult this was going to be for a first time home buyer. Thank you for proving them wrong! Dan Orr was professional and friendly at all times. I mostly appreciate his help and honesty. He always provided me with all information.

By: Scott & Susan

Dan really took his time with us. He was patient with us first time buyers. He kept us informed, took charge in the negotiating process and got us the house we wanted at a price that was better than we could have hoped!

By: Pat & Krista

Dan went above and beyond. He understood what we were looking for and he made it all happen!

By: Ken & Chris

Buying a house can be overwhelming but not when your realtor is Dan Orr. He helped us find our perfect home. Dan is straightforward, honest, easy to talk to, passionate about what he does, and is a knowledgeable and a skilled agent. He provided us with guidance (not pressure) and practical information to help us choose the best home for our needs, and because he readily understood the kind of property we were looking for, he worked efficiently and dependably on our behalf. He provided advise that helped us focus in on what we should be thinking about when looking for our first home. Dan also worked exceptionally well with our finance people. As far as we’re concerned he is, hands-down, the best agent in Ottawa and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home. Finding our house was a wonderful and exciting experience. Thanks so much Dan.

By: Jeff

I would like to thank Dan Orr for all his help through the process of buying my first home. He provided excellent advice, and always made himself available if I had any questions or concerns, which made the process very easy for me.

By: Dan & Patricia

We really appreciated everything Dan did, and especially like the way he took on a role of a consultant rather than a salesman. He always pointed out negative aspects of homes, ensuring that we were considering them from all angles. We always felt that he was there to help us make the right choice, rather than to achieve a sale. Thanks Dan!

By: Vinay & Chelsea

As first-time home buyers we had no idea what to expect, however Dan truly guided us through the process. He made it really easy, was always courteous and punctual. Dan is incredibly knowledgeable and networked so that the entire process is completely laid out. His patience was exemplary as there was absolutely no pressure to settle on a house we did not want. If you work with Dan your expectations will be exceeded!!!

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